It’s been a while since you heard from us—we’ve been busy at the SMARTTLab! In the last two years, we’ve supported students and professors inside and outside the School of Journalism by gathering social media data and analytics.

One of our most rewarding jobs is supporting students in the International Reporting Program and students pursuing final research projects. Most recently, we tracked conversations around the Zika virus in support of Luiz Lopes’ thesis Trending health narratives: the Zika virus outbreak 2015-16 in Brazil. Lopes examined how social media data might provide insight into improving health communication strategies and literacy during epidemics.

We also worked with Alberto Mendoza-Galina to support the launch of the multimedia Million Dollar Med$ website, created by the Graduate School of Journalism in partnership with the Canadian Institutes for Health Research New Emerging Team for Rare Diseases. We supported research into social media conversations about illnesses and the health research community more broadly.

We are always excited to work with the Global Reporting Centre, headed by the School of Journalism’s Peter Klein, and with the SMARTTLab’s own Dr. Candis Callison. Through Dr. Callison’s research, we’ve had opportunities to monitor and study significant international events and conversations—including the Paris climate talks, or COP 21, and the #noDAPL movement in North Dakota last fall. We’ve also supported Dr. Callison’s work with Dr. Mary Lynn Young on the intersection of gender, colonialism, journalism, and technology.

These are just a few examples of the projects and people we’ve worked with recently. If you are a researcher interested in learning more about how the SMARTTLab might be able to support your work, please get in touch using this form.