Photo courtesy of Patrick HoeslyThe Social Media Advanced Research, Teaching and Training Lab (SMARTTLab) is an interdisciplinary space at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism dedicated to understanding the interplay between social networks, the media and public discourse. The lab serves as a focal point for enhancing faculty research and teaching related to social media.

The lab supports long-term research projects by faculty and students into how social media is emerging as a hybrid space for the cultural production of journalism, where citizens are involved in the flow, framing and interpretation of news.

It fosters the study and exploration of how emerging information ecologies are shaping the media’s role to foster a broadly informed and engaged public. It provides opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and practical skills in order to understand the evolving digital landscape, its opportunities, challenges and impacts on society, journalism and other industries, individuals and the environment.

The SMARTTLab contributes to the integration and application of emerging digital technologies in the learning environment at UBC, helping to enhance UBC Journalism’s reputation as a leader in digital journalism in Canada and worldwide.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canadian Media Research Consortium and the the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

(Photo courtesy of Patrick Hoesly)